Baby You Can Touch iPad (for misguided pundits, with apologies to The Beatles).

I asked Thurrott what he thought that it was.
He said a tablet, and that’s because
It’s unimpressive, and does nothing new
Than hardware he’s seen since 2002.

Baby you can touch iPad.
Experience you’ve never had.
Baby you can touch iPad,
And maybe you’ll love it.

He said in his mind it’s all just the same.
I said iPad shows those tablets are lame.
A desktop OS is all very fine,
But for a touch UI it’s not designed.

Baby you can touch iPad.
Experience you’ve never had.
Baby you can touch iPad,
And maybe you’ll love it.

I told him users could start right away.
Thousands of touch apps the very first day.
Apple’s not perfect, plans could fall apart,
But with their touch OS it’s a great start.

Baby you can touch iPad.
Experience you’ve never had.
Baby you can touch iPad,
And maybe you’ll love it.

Hey Microsoft, I Fixed Your Windows 7 Upgrade Chart


Microsoft created an upgrade chart for Window 7. Bottom line is it says if you want to upgrade to Windows 7 you should buy a new PC. Oh sure, you can “upgrade” without buying new hardware, but you’ll be in pain and probably traumatized for life. Who needs that?

So, with the understanding that new hardware is the best way to go, I’ve taken the liberty of simplifying the chart considerably:


Now you only have to worry about which one of the many different OS editions you’re coming from, not which one of the many different OS editions you’re going to. The destination OS has just a single, “ultimate” edition. It’s as simple as that.

No need to thank me, Microsoft, just trying to help out.

Tweet It

They told him don’t you ever blog around here.
We’re forming into cliques that you’ll get nowhere near.
We wouldn’t read your posts if you bought us a beer.
So Tweet it, just Tweet it.

You have a lot to say; opinion is strong.
But no one reads a thing that’s over 10 words long.
You better make it quick, or soon you’ll be gone.
So Tweet it, Tweet it.

Tweet it! Tweet it!
Keep it short and folks will read it.
Show ’em how pithy you have become;
Anything long and our brains go numb.
Just Tweet it, just Tweet it.

You wanna talk about a great thing you’ve heard,
But you must think in characters and not in words.
We don’t have time for sentences; don’t be so absurd.
So Tweet it, just Tweet it.

If you can keep it short then you will do well.
You might get lots of followers who think you’re swell.
With luck you might even make the SUL.
So Tweet it, Tweet it.

Tweet it! Tweet it!
All blog posts are so conceited.
Don’t put the effort in being distinct;
Much more important you be succint.
So Tweet it, Tweet it…

(From an idea by Jason Kottke. With all due respect to Michael Jackson and Twitter.)

TAB – Photo From Apple’s Design Studio: Latest Apple Product Revealed?

In promoting his upcoming film, Objectified, a documentary maker published a photo (above) of Jony Ive from “inside Apple’s design facilities.”

Naturally, tech bloggers the world over will examine the photo in detail in the hope that Apple slipped up and left something in the photograph that reveals their next “sooper seekrit” product. Rumors and speculation will run rampant. After all, if every Chinese newspaper or two-bit tech pundit or analyst publishing nonsensical information becomes grist for the rumor mill, then certainly an actual photograph of “mad scientist” Ive’s lair should give us material for months

I’m getting ahead of the curve to reveal that, after close inspection of the photograph, I can report on Apple’s latest cool new device…

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TAB – ‘Twas the Night Before Macworld

‘Twas the night before Macworld, when all through the blogs
Every pundit was asking “Where is Steve Jobs?”
His stockings were hung at Mascone with care,
But it seems his last keynote was for MacBook Air.

The attendees were not yet settled into bed;
All concerned that we only get Schiller instead.
Will there be dazzling products? What can we expect?
And will somebody get Phil a black turtleneck?
Then inside the hall there arose such a clatter
I pushed through the line to see what was the matter.
I flew like a flash on my way to the stage
As the keynote began, and the crowd was engaged.

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TAB – SuperSite FAQ About Windows 7 — What They Really Meant to Say.

Since Microsoft is trying hard not to talk about Vista, they’re falling back on their SOP of deflecting attention to a shiny new object, in this case Windows 7. To that end, the SuperSite for Windows hastaken it upon itself to become the “central location for accurate information about Windows 7.” 

While I’m sure they meant well, when I read their answers I can see that either the SuperSite was not quite getting them right, or maybe they just chose to use an awful lot of words to say something that could be done much more succinctly.

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