The iPad is for readers

What I’ve mostly been doing on the iPad is reading, because this much-ballyhooed harbinger of the future turns out to be the ideal device for that most old-fashioned of leisure activities.

With all the back-and-forth questioning whether the iPad can do “serious work” (it can), here’s a great take on one of its other capabilities.

This is what I’m most looking forward to when I get mine. Yes, I plan to do most of my writing/blogging on it, but I read on my iPhone all the time, and think the iPad will be a huge leap over that already enjoyable experience.

Andy Ihnatko Gets It: iPad is pure innovation – one of best computers ever

In fact, after a week with the iPad, I’m suddenly wondering if any other company is as committed to invention as Apple. Has any other company ever demonstrated a restlessness to stray from the safe and proven, and actually invent things?

While Mossberg and Pogue wrote fairly typical reviews of the iPad (oh look, another device to review), Andy Ihnatko wrote a series of five articles on the device.

Mossberg’s and Pogue’s reviews are good, and they like it, but Ihnatko goes far beyond, realizing that this is the future we’re talking about. I’m a bit disappointed the other two either don’t realize that (which would be bad), or won’t say it for fear of the dreaded “fanboi” label (which would be worse). Either way, I believe they reviewed a game-changing computer a bit matter-of-factly. Ihnatko treats it like it deserves.

Aside from the article quoted above, you can read about the iBooks app, whether the iPad is a real computer (duh! It’s sad some people even ask the question), iPad accessories, and a digital comics app. Great stuff.

Apple Preparing For Great eBook Experience, Amazon Preparing For… What, Exactly?

I like Amazon, and though I don’t own a Kindle I use the Kindle iPhone app often. I also love the Stanza eReader. You’d think the Amazon name, the Kindle app, and Amazon’s acquisition of Stanza would allow them to be impressive competitors to Apple in the software eBook arena, but instead I see Amazon about to get steamrolled… Continue reading

Barnes & Noble Is Smart. Hello, Amazon? Anybody Home?

Designed specifically for the iPad,” the company said, “our new B&N eReader will give our customers access to more than one million eBooks, magazines and newspapers in the Barnes & Noble eBookstore

Very smart of B&N to do this; the sooner they get it released after iPad launch, the better.

Meanwhile, I’ve heard nothing from Amazon on their plans for the iPad. Do they have any? They seem to be too busy licking their wounds instead of modifying the Kindle app for the new device.

Hello, Amazon, say something. Do something. You should beef up Stanza while you’re at it. I want as many good eReaders on the iPad as possible and you control two of the most popular. I love the iPhone for book reading; the Pad could be that much better. Don’t blow this.