Video of Green Day on the iPad: Everything worthwhile has already been invented

for a guy like Steve Jobs, when is enough, enough.

They sum up at the end by saying “In short, the iPad is stupid”.

I don’t care if they like the device, and their concerns on what Apple has “done” to the music industry are shared by many “old style” artists (i.e., those that started when physical media still ruled). I disagree, and think things would be much worse had Apple and others not provided a legal alternative for what was going to happen anyway, but I respect their opinion on it.

I also disagree that people are buying an iPad to figure out WTF it is. On the contrary, I believe people are buying an iPad because, once they actually use one, it’s immediately obvious what it is.

What I most take exception to is the “when is enough, enough” question. To me, there’s a massive shortsightedness in your views on technology when the crux of your argument is that somehow we’ve gone far enough with it, and apparently we can just stop now. Do these guys feel the same way about music?


Why I, and so many others, love Apple customer service


Just received the above email. I download that episode long ago, and have watched it many times. No issues with it that I can remember. Still, Apple determined there was a problem, corrected it, and are making the new version available to those who bought it. Great service.