Adobe delays Flash Player 10.1 to second half of 2010

Adobe has admitted that it will not be able to ship its promised Flash Player 10.1 for mobile platforms until the second half of the year.

This should be no surprise to anyone who’s seen the videos of 10.1 running running on various devices. I think the JooJoo’s horrible performance in Flash sealed 10.1’s fate. Adobe backtracked from JooJoo performance as fast as they could, claiming Fusion Garage didn’t work with them, but the fact is the kind of Flash that will work as people expect it to is still a long way off for mobile devices.

This is why it’s silly for Adobe to keep beating this drum. It makes them look ridiculous. The Flash they keep harping on for Apple to install on the iPhone and iPad doesn’t even exist for mobile devices yet.

Adobe: For a Great Flash Experience on Tablets, Get One That Doesn’t Exist

Mind you, not one of those companies is (as yet) selling a competing tablet, and it’s not like there’s some magical formula that will make 720p Flash video run smoothly on a bare Atom CPU (remember, Ion GPU acceleration is not yet available for the Linux-based JooJoo), but who are we to stand in the way of a carefully worded damage limitation statement?

As if Adobe’s management hasn’t been misguided enough — putting the survival of Flash above all other priorities — their PR group has lost it, too.