My iPad vs. My MacBook: A Realization

It’s not forcing yourself to use a device that makes it part of what you do, it’s when you reach for something like the iPad involuntarily that you know it’s integrated itself comfortably into your life.

So true.

I let my daughter play with the iPad the other day—something I don’t do often because I have enough personal info on it to treat it private—and sat down in my office. Didn’t want to sit at the desk to read, so I decided to listen to music.

Only after putting headphones on did it occur to me that I have a MacBook I can use in the chair! Let’s see, where did I put it? Oh yes, behind the table next to the chair, on the floor, plugged in. All dressed up and nowhere to go.

It also occurred to me I haven’t brought my MacBook to Starbucks since I got the iPad. Further, on my recent trip to AZ I brought both devices, but the MacBook was never even taken out of the bag.

In short, I realized just how much I prefer the iPad for 90% of what I used the MacBook for. It’s a 13″ unibody that seems clumsy to me now. In fact, for most tasks it is clumsy compared to the iPad.