Google should realize it cuts both ways.

It says a lot about Microsoft’s approach to customer lock-in that the company touts its proprietary document formats, which only Microsoft software can render with true fidelity, as the reason to avoid using other products,” a Google spokesperson said in an e-mail.


Maybe. But it says a lot about Google Docs that Google’s own spokesperson admits it can’t open Office documents with “true fidelity”. Since Office compatability is supposed to be part of the pitch, that’s a staggeringly dumb statement to make.

Slow, bloated, crashing…

…iTunes is in desperate need of an overhaul… and the iTunes platform itself is derided by many as slow and prone to crashes.

If that’s all it took to require an overhaul, Microsoft Office would be on its fifth overhaul right now.

Why is it when people deride software as “slow”, “bloated”, “crashes”, etc., their complaints always come with a raft of feature requests, as if the latter don’t contribute heavily to the former?

Microsoft Office 2010: This is Simplification?

microsoft-office-2010-about.pngOnly Microsoft could offer five freakin’ versions of an office suite and consider it a “simplified” lineup.

And, what’s worse, they now have two versions with “professional” in the name. Really? As if the pro designation isn’t getting old enough as it is, now we have Professional, and Professional Plus.

But it doesn’t stop there, there’s two versions with “home” in the name as well. Home and Student, and Home and Business. Seriously? Could you possibly have any idea what products might come in these versions? Is it even clear how they tie-in to “home”?

Where do they get the marketing morons who name these things, and why isn’t there somebody in the room with a club when the name is suggested?