jkOnTheRun’s Early Impressions of the Palm Pre

138068-palm-pre-extended_original.jpgJames Kendrick and Kevin Tofel from jkOnTheRun have posted a “tag team” article with their first impressions of the Palm Pres they purchased today. It’s well worth a read.

The upshot of their impressions so far indicate that the early reviews were pretty much right on the mark. It would appear that the biggest drawbacks of the device may only be those one might reasonably expect from 1.0 versions of hardware and soffware.

Barring any major flaw or issues that arise in, say, the next 30 days, it seems to me Palm engineering has pulled off a very impressive feat. This is all the more impressive, in my opinion, because outside of engineering the rest of Palm has done little more than a floundering, bumbling series of mis-steps.

TAB – Dear Palm and Sprint: Is There Anything Else You Could Do Wrong?

Palm’s been working hard to mastermind the Pre launch this Saturday, but I think they’re getting it all wrong. Now Sprint has joined in. It’s reached the point where they look like a couple of companies seriously in need of some business acumen.

Early reviews of the Pre are promising, yet I wonder if the bumbling, stumbling, Three Stooges approach Palm and its partners have used from the Pre’s introduction to its launch aren’t enough to ruin it anyway…

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TAB – The Palm Pre is an iPod? Yes, But We’ll See How Long That Lasts

A big story recently is how the Palm Pre syncs seamlessly with iTunes. It does so by making itself appear to be an iPod to iTunes.

Further details came out during an interview at the All Things Digital conference that indicate only non-DRM music and photos can be synced. It’s unclear whether non-DRM videos sync, or whether it syncs other iTunes data (bookmarks, contacts, podcasts, etc.).

Even with those restrictions, the ability to plug in and use iTunes to sync music is a pretty big deal. How can Palm do this? Why did they do this? What, if anything, should Apple do?…

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