The iPad is for readers

What I’ve mostly been doing on the iPad is reading, because this much-ballyhooed harbinger of the future turns out to be the ideal device for that most old-fashioned of leisure activities.

With all the back-and-forth questioning whether the iPad can do “serious work” (it can), here’s a great take on one of its other capabilities.

This is what I’m most looking forward to when I get mine. Yes, I plan to do most of my writing/blogging on it, but I read on my iPhone all the time, and think the iPad will be a huge leap over that already enjoyable experience.

Apple iPad Guided Tour Videos: Don’t Tell Me This Can’t Do Serious Work


Apple posted iPad “Guided Tour” videos today. They’re all worth watching, but what strikes me most, just as it did during the original iPad announcement, is iWork.

I can’t understand how anybody can watch the videos for Keynote, Pages and Numbers and claim the iPad is “just a big iPod touch”. This device is going to change everything.

Columns, transitions, opacity, masking, photo cropping and alignment, text wrap, charts, graphs, and a boatload more features at the tip of your fingers. If you think this thing can’t do “serious work”, you’ve forgotten that serious work is ultimately measured by results, not how much of a geek or software master you had to be to create it.