How Is The iPad Keyboard? Mossberg and Pogue Disagree [u]

From Walt Mossberg’s review:

[I] had no trouble typing accurately and quickly on the iPad’s wide on-screen keyboard. In fact, I found the iPad virtual keyboard more comfortable and accurate to use than the cramped keyboards and touchpads on many netbooks

From David Pogue’s review:

When the iPad is upright, typing on the on-screen keyboard is a horrible experience; when the iPad is turned 90 degrees, the keyboard is just barely usable (because it’s bigger).

Obviously there are going to be different opinions, but the chasm between the above two is huge. Pogue says it’s horrible or barely usable, Mossberg says it’s better than many netbooks. In his non-tech review, overall Pogue likes the device; it’s hard to imagine he could do so if the keyboard is really as bad as he says it is. But then why the hyperbole?

I love the software keyboard on the iPhone, and am very comfortable with using it. The vaunted physical keyboard on my new Blackberry Bold is crap compared to it. I expect the iPad’s to be great. Of course I won’t know for sure until I try it, but it’s not like the experience of iPhone OS is a new thing to me, I’ve been using it nearly three years.

[UPDATE:] On Andy Ihnatko unveiled the iPad, and he said the keyboard was “really, really good”. He thought it would be merely good enough for typing notes, URLs, etc, but it’s much better.

David Pogue and The Whole “Conflict Of Interest” BS.

Personally, I’ve been reading Pogue’s writing since 1993 and have never noticed any sort of bias, and you can bet that he would have been called out years ago if there was any hint that he was posturing in order to increase book sales at the expense of objectivity.

Good article, with rational points made by Pogue (in an interview) throughout.

In my opinion, what it boils down to is not whether there’s a reason one may want to lie (i.e., be “unbiased”), but whether one actually does so. Like the author of the piece, I’ve been reading Pogue for ages and have not seen any kind of inconsistency that would indicate this.

Meanwhile, why are so few questioning the reasons of those slinging the mud at Pogue in the first place? You’ve got:

  • Michael Arrington, who appears to be in bed with Google.
  • Jason Calacanis, whose five-point screed against Apple was shot down from every corner of the Internet.
  • Dan Lyons, whose non-Fake Steve Job writings are ignored, so he brought them back to appear relevant.

Apple bashers, all. Seriously, these guys have far more motive behind their rants than Pogue does to act any differently than he ever did.

The fact is, Apple makes headlines and gets page hits. Being critical of Apple does it to an even higher degree. Add to that smearing a popular writer and you’ve struck page-hit gold. I know which people are acting inappropriately here.

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