Washington to Apple: The Company With the Most Lobbying Wins

Apple is famous for its veil of secrecy around the new iPads and iPhones. But Sen. John Rockefeller and others in Congress wonder whether the company has more than technological innovations to hide.

Hmm, just because they’re secret? Is it possible there’s another reason? If I look hard in the article maybe I can find it…

Compared with other tech giants, Apple’s lobbying expenditures are small. In 2009, Apple spent only $1.5 million to lobby the federal government, less than Amazon, Yahoo and IBM. In 2009, Google, for example, spent $4 million, Microsoft $7 million and AT&T $15 million.

Found it. 

I wrote about this a few days ago. Lobbying is big business, and some of Apple’s competitors are looking to get their money’s worth. That’s bad enough, but now you’ve got senators hinting that Apple should grease their wheels. 

I’m not sure what’s worse, the sleaziness of the brib– er, lobbying, or that those being lobbied wouldn’t know a smartphone from a tennis shoe. I mean, if the name of the game is to cozy up to someone it ought to be someone who knows a little about tech.

When the company with the most lobbying wins, we lose. As I said before, we should be appalled, not happy, if that happens.