iPhone 4 had a great day, but not that great

We won’t know for sure how many iPhones were preordered today until & unless Apple and AT&T choose to share, but it’s easy to say ‘millions’ with a straight face.

No it isn’t.

I’m thrilled Apple sold out their 6/24 allotment everywhere, and think iPhone 4 is off to a tremendous start. Still, millions ordered on the first day, pre-order only, and white isn’t even available? No way.

AT&T Backtracking: Tune In On June 24 For “As The iPhone Turns”


Above is an excerpt from the confirmation email I received from AT&T. So much for ordering today to get delivery on June 24.

I’ve read that phones ordered from AT&T after 1:30pm Pacific Time would not make June 24. My receipt says 12:12pm, so I’m crossing my fingers for Day 1.

Will Tom get his iPhone on opening day? Will he have to wait until Friday or… (*loud organ chord*) Monday? Will John run off with Marsha, and if they have Android phones will anyone care? Be sure to tune in next week for the exciting conclusion.

iPhone 4 Pre-Ordered. Finally. (But I Cheated.)

I’m now the proud owner of a virtual 32GB black iPhone 4. After all the issues I had with trying to upgrade via Apple and AT&T’s web sites, I bit the bullet and went to a local AT&T store. 

There was a line, and I slid in at #12. The manager was pulling his hair out, but said the line was moving and thanked me for my patience. He had a clipboard and was taking names to ensure it was first-come, first-served. It took about 40 minutes for my turn to come up (at least three people were called who weren’t there), and another 20 or so to complete the deal (the system died in the middle of the transaction the first time). All in all it was a pleasant enough experience.

I upgraded an eligible member of our family (on an original iPhone) plan who’s not me, and then I’ll swap our phones (I have a 3GS) when it comes in. AT&T’s fine with this, and it gets us lowest price possible on the phone ($299 for 32GB). Also bought AppleCare. 

The phone should be delivered to my house on June 24. Woot!

It really sucks that the online upgrade systems fail so badly today. On the other hand, it was nice to see AT&T staff busting their butts and getting it done for those who came in.

iPhone 4 Pre-Order Hell, Part 2 [u]


In my earlier article it was all about the servers being overloaded, so try again later. In the last half-hour or so the AT&T error message has changed to something much worse (above).

So it seems AT&T has all but shut off iPhone 4 pre-orders at this time. No, I don’t think they’re really upgrading the online account system; I think it’s dead.

For those thinking this may give Apple a better shot at updating, I’d remind you that Apple must check with AT&T for eligibility of the update (it’s why you have to enter the number, zip and SSN), and if AT&T can’t access their own account system, what chance does Apple have?

At this point I’m thinking AT&T has an issue they’re scrambling to fix, and as long as they’re spitting out the error above I don’t think there’s going to be a whole lot of upgrading going on.

[UPDATE:] The message has changed to that below. Now it’s a “system upgrade”, but in either case they’re saying the system is unavailable. 


iPhone 4 Pre-Order Hell [u]


[UPDATE:] It gets worse

AT&T is much more efficient at telling me there’s an issue, so I won’t be updating the iPhone just yet. I get the above dialog relatively quickly after selecting the line on my family plan I want to upgrade. I love the touch about how you can call an 800 number if it’s non-iPhone related. What if it is iPhone related? Well, I guess you’re just screwed. 

For the record, I did call the standard AT&T number, got through to an agent in about six minutes, and was politely told they can do nothing about the iPhone. They can only be pre-ordered online or at an AT&T store, not via phone. 


Meanwhile, Apple takes much longer than AT&T to dash your hopes and dreams. Get used to seeing the above screen for a while. 


When the crushing blow is finally received, It comes in the form of either the error above or below.


It’s a little less frustrating than AT&T because they do admit they’re swamped. With either error, it’s basically an Apple admission that they can’t deal with the volume, so try again later. 

I deserve this, of course, because I didn’t stay up until past 1am last night to pre-order as soon as the systems came up. Lesson learned. If you want to pre-order the latest Apple goodies, make a pot of coffee and quit complaining.