The iPad as a productivity tool

Bottom line? My first impressions of the iPad as a productivity tool are pretty good… In addition to Office tasks I also used SketchBook Pro and PhotoGene to both create and edit graphics and photos. Both allowed a degree of sophistication not found in their iPhone counterparts.

Pundits and reviewers alike are starting to realize (some of them begrudgingly) that the iPad is closer to a laptop replacement than they had thought was the case. To me it seemed obvious the iPad could do “serious work”.

I think for most geeks (i.e., the people who write and read these reviews), letting go of a laptop is a few iterations off. However, I believe the fact that it performs respectably for them means it can be a laptop replacement for millions of non-geeks. They just don’t know it yet.

Apple iPad Guided Tour Videos: Don’t Tell Me This Can’t Do Serious Work


Apple posted iPad “Guided Tour” videos today. They’re all worth watching, but what strikes me most, just as it did during the original iPad announcement, is iWork.

I can’t understand how anybody can watch the videos for Keynote, Pages and Numbers and claim the iPad is “just a big iPod touch”. This device is going to change everything.

Columns, transitions, opacity, masking, photo cropping and alignment, text wrap, charts, graphs, and a boatload more features at the tip of your fingers. If you think this thing can’t do “serious work”, you’ve forgotten that serious work is ultimately measured by results, not how much of a geek or software master you had to be to create it.