Forever the Apologist: Thurrott On Microsoft’s Sidekick Data Loss and Upcoming Azure

On the other hand, Microsoft inherited the Sidekick platform when it purchased Danger. The software giant will launch its own cloud-based OS, Windows Azure, next month. Windows Azure and Microsoft’s other online services are based on a completely different infrastructure than is T-Mobile Sidekick.

Fast work at damage control on the Windows IT Pro site.

Thurrott points out that the “relative number of affected users is low”, and also that Microsoft bought the Sidekick platform — presumably to imply it’s not really their fault. Then, he quickly distances the failed Microsoft infrastructure from an upcoming Microsoft infrastructure that hasn’t failed (yet). Smooth.

Inherited or not, the Sidekick platform ran for years with no issues, and the data was in Microsoft’s charge to protect. Some say they failed to do that. In any case, when you buy a platform it’s your baby, so this is a Microsoft’s screw up no matter how you look at it. Anyone who wouldn’t be a bit more cautious about Azure now isn’t thinking clearly.

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