To Blog Or To Twitter?

Lately I’ve become more involved with Twitter. I can’t do this blog full-time, so sometimes I’m just too busy to comment on recent events. I could write a few days later, but by then the issue is “cold” and we’ve moved on. With Twitter I can always comment about what’s going on, and I find myself doing just that.

I mention this because I’ve modified the Twitter section in the footer. Instead of sharing space on the right, it’s now the entire left column. It displays more tweets, and I’ve removed “replies” to keep it focused on my thoughts.

If you check this site daily and review the tweets, most or all of them will be new. So you see there are things going on in my brain even if I haven’t written a new blog post.

Tweet It

They told him don’t you ever blog around here.
We’re forming into cliques that you’ll get nowhere near.
We wouldn’t read your posts if you bought us a beer.
So Tweet it, just Tweet it.

You have a lot to say; opinion is strong.
But no one reads a thing that’s over 10 words long.
You better make it quick, or soon you’ll be gone.
So Tweet it, Tweet it.

Tweet it! Tweet it!
Keep it short and folks will read it.
Show ’em how pithy you have become;
Anything long and our brains go numb.
Just Tweet it, just Tweet it.

You wanna talk about a great thing you’ve heard,
But you must think in characters and not in words.
We don’t have time for sentences; don’t be so absurd.
So Tweet it, just Tweet it.

If you can keep it short then you will do well.
You might get lots of followers who think you’re swell.
With luck you might even make the SUL.
So Tweet it, Tweet it.

Tweet it! Tweet it!
All blog posts are so conceited.
Don’t put the effort in being distinct;
Much more important you be succint.
So Tweet it, Tweet it…

(From an idea by Jason Kottke. With all due respect to Michael Jackson and Twitter.)

The End of Fail, Fails.

This is kind of funny:

1) Anil Dash writes a great post regarding the end of fail.
2) I pull an appropriate Twitter-length quote and try to tweet it.
3) I get this:

A FAIL fail
4) My irony meter explodes.

It made me forget the purpose of the article for a moment, and I had to laugh.

Whether I get to tweet this or not, I recommend Anil’s article highly; it’s a worthy read. It basically reminds us of what we already knew: It’s easier to destroy a house than to build one. We should concern ourselves more with fixing it from the inside.