Great Dual-Screen Wallpapers

The work PC I brought home has two monitors. The same wallpaper on each screen looks silly, so I went over to Digital Blasphemy and snapped up a bunch of dual-screen ‘papers. The six shown here are just a few of the many I downloaded. Beautiful stuff.

They’re not free, but for $15 you get 90 days access, which means you could easily download everything there. It also means you generally don’t see this wallpaper on other machines, keeping your PC unique. I’d say 75% of the wallpapers on my Macs and PCs are from DB.

Digital Blasphemy: Great Desktop Wallpaper

A few emails I received about my Snow Leopard Discovery Series did not rave about the writing, but rather were inquiries about the desktop picture (above). So I’m plugging the artist and site from where I got it.

The picture — and most of the desktop wallpaper I use — is the work of Ryan Bliss, who maintains a site called Digital Blasphemy. I don’t know Ryan, have never met him, and have never even communicated with him. I stumbled on his site a couple years ago and thought the work was beautiful.

It’s a subscription site, but very reasonable. I joined for 90 days for just $15 and downloaded 100 pictures (there’s over 650). It’s not just that they’re great wallpapers, but also that they’re unique. These are pictures most other people won’t have; your Mac or PC will stand out from the crowd. To me, the $15 was well spent.

There’s a page of 20 free wallpapers to check out. Then, after seeing the free stuff and browsing the site, get out a crowbar and pry at least $15 from your wallet to help support the guy and keep him making great stuff. Next time I’m joining for a year.

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