Microsoft to Mobile App Developers: Strap This On Your Back and Race To Market


There are times when it’s simply not possible to avoid making fun of Microsoft. They bring it on themselves with stuff like this.

With the opening of Windows Marketplace for Mobile (Microsoft’s version of Apple’s App Store), Microsoft is having a contest in order to garner interest from developers. Normally, the best way to interest developers is with a consistent hardware platform and a modern OS with a mature API. But Microsoft doesn’t have that in the mobile space, so they’re having a contest instead.

That’s fine, but look at what Microsoft is giving away (emphasis mine):

The Race to Market Challenge will reward the developer whose paid application earns the most revenue… and the developer whose free application is downloaded the most… a prize package including a Microsoft Surface table

Stop right there. Think about it. Other companies might have given a mobile-centric prize for a mobile-centric contest, but not Microsoft. I can see the conversation now:

Microsoft: Congratulations on your winning mobile app. To show our gratitude, here’s a completely unrelated computer the size of a nightstand.

Developer: Um.

Microsoft: Here, we’ll help you put it on.

Developer: It’s kinda heavy. (*groan*)

Microsoft: Come on now. Race! Race to market!

Developer: Ugh. (falls down)

Microsoft: Get up! We need apps for both platforms, dammit! We’re losing in every space we enter. Turn those machines back on! Turn those machines back on!…