Haikus Written During Today’s WWDC Keynote

With much excitement
Today Apple announces
Samsung’s next products.

Dear iPad 1 folk:
No iOS 6 for you.
Best Regards, Apple.

Developers meet.
Let’s stop all this software talk,
Get to the hardware.

Play long video,
Announce whatever they want
After crowd’s asleep.

Apple’s MacBook Pros:
Can competitors keep up?
Dell just peed their pants.

Biggest question now
With Retina display MacBooks:
Will Porn sites upgrade?

iOS upgrades
Get to user base quickly.
Android’s never do.

Samsung design team
Brainstorming, they ask Siri
What do we do next?

iOS 6 adds
Ugly faces everywhere.
FaceTime cellular.

Maps’ navigation:
Users love, competitors
Won’t know where to turn.

FaceTime will be a success because you don’t need an account.

Leave it to Apple to go the extra mile. Any other company would have made you sign up for something new. Serious design and engineering went into the software side of FaceTime, as well as custom integration with AT&T. That’s what will make it a break out feature, not just something for geeks.

Good article. Much of the tech press is just considering FaceTime another video chat implementation, but there’s a lot more going on here.

WWDC 09 Today! New Hardware (we hope)! Oh, and Software Demos. We Can’t Get Enough of Those!

Another WWDC is upon us, and amidst all the speculation of possible new iPhones — and even wilder speculation about Mac tablets — there’s something we should not forget: Software demos.

Yes, it’s a developer conference and that’s the place for them, so prepare for some “down” time during the keynote as the latest iPhone apps are demoed on stage for your enjoyment. All you can do is pray the presenters have an actual personality, and applaud politely as you mutter all the while something like “Yeah, that’s great, where’s the #$%^! hardware!”