Is This Microsoft’s New Zune HD?

This Twitter user says so.



The Zune Marketplace looks like it’s been formatted to match the new device pretty well.

The user’s Twitter profile says he’s a developer for the Xbox 360, which could easily explain why he has a device to play with. (Of course, it also explains why he’d say it’s “awesome”.)

I wonder if they’ve fixed the main menu item for “marketplace” so the “e” is no longer cut off.

TAB – Microsoft: We Couldn’t Kill the iPod, Maybe We Can Kill the iPod touch

You’ve got to give Microsoft credit. Having failed at making the Zune an “iPod killer,” they’ve given up and are trying to make it an “iPod touch killer.” Why go after big brother when little brother has kicked your butt for two years? Beats me; you’d have to ask Microsoft. All I can do is look at the Zune HD and see what it’s about…

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